Is Kidney Transplant the Only Treatment for Renal Failure Patients

When someone who is diagnosed with renal failure, she or he will be recommended to do kidney transplant. Well, is kidney transplant the only way for renal failure patients?

In fact, kidney transplant is not the only way to treat renal failure. As we all know, no one want to do kidney transplant, because the risk of the surgery is very high. And meanwhile, it is difficult to find a suitable kidney. Besides, the cost is expensive, most patients can not afford. Thereby, most renal failure patients are not willing to receive kidney transplant.

Except for kidney transplant, dialysis can also help to treat kidney failure. Compared with kidney transplant, it is more safer. It is a kidney replacement treatment, to some degree, it can replace kidneys to discharge the toxin, extra creatinine, unwanted substances out of the body. After several courses, some obvious signs, such as high creatinine level, edema can be alleviated obviously.

However, dialysis is just an emergency treatment. Long-term dialysis will make patients lose all the renal function eventually. Once dialysis is stoped, the corresponding signs and complications will become more severe. So, dialysis is not the best treatment.

In Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a new method that can improve renal function from the root. By blocking the progression of renal fibrosis, repairing damaged kidney tissues and cells, rebuilding inherent kidney structure from the root. Kidneys will begin to carry out function normally, once kidney function is enhanced, patients do not need to do kidney transplant or dialysis.

Owing to the method is only found in our hospital, more and more foreign patients are coming to China for the effective way. If you want to know more details of the therapy, email us:

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