Can Renal Failure Patients Survive Without Dialysis

Can Renal Failure Patients Survive Without DialysisNow, many patients are troubling by renal failure. For patients, they are eager to know: can i survive without dialysis?

The answer is yes. Dialysis is an artificial process that can eliminate the toxins and extra fluid in blood. To some degrees, it can replace kidneys to maintain patients’ life. However, frankly speaking, dialysis can not treat renal failure from the root, because the renal damage still exists, once dialysis is stopped, patients are at the risk of death, and they may die of the related complications easily.

Luckily, there are some innovative methods to treat renal failure in kidney disease hospital.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The core purpose of the way is to enhance renal function. It combines traditional Chinese medicines and modern technology and equipment.

During the course, two bags filled with shattered medicines are put under the patients’ back. Then, with the help of osmosis device, the effective constituents of the medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly.

Mostly, by dilating blood vessels, anti-flammation, anti-coagulation, degrading the extracellular matrix, preventing the formation of thrombus, renal function can be improved gradually.

In addition, the medicines can also repair damaged tissues and cells to rebuild a normal kidney structure, and provide abundant nutrients for failed kidneys. Once renal function is enhanced, it is hopeful to control the illness condition, and prevent the growth of related complications. In this way, patients can survive without dialysis.

Moreover, the cost of the therapy is reasonable, most patients can afford. If you are interested in the therapy, send to

Keep a healthy diet

Renal failure patients should limit salt, protein and fat. Since too much salt may damage blood vessels, and lots of protein will increase the burden of failed kidneys. They should also pay attention to the foods that are rich in potassium. Because too much potassium will lead to irregular heartbeat.

After the above analysis, we do believe you have learned a lot about whether renal failure patients can survive without dialysis. If you want to know more diet details, contact with our online doctors now.


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