Renal Failure: How to Reduce Creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Disease Hospital

Renal Failure: How to Reduce Creatinine 6.2 in Kidney Disease HospitalRenal failure patients are usually plagued by creatinine 6.2. So, how to reduce creatinine 6.2 in kidney disease hospital?

Normally, when the creatinine level increases to 5, dialysis is needed immediately. Creatinine 6.2 means the kidneys have been damaged largely. To be honest, dialysis can help to eliminate the toxins and extra fluid in blood, however, the renal damage still exists. After a period, the high creatinine level may occur again.

So, is there an effective method to decrease creatinine 6.2 in kidney disease hospital?

Hot Compress Therapy

The method applies Chinese medicine, it is an innovative therapy in our hospital. During the course, renal failure patients can lie on the bed, two bags filled with effective medicines will be put under the patients’ back. Then, with the help of osmosis machine, the medicines can be absorbed by kidney lesions externally.

Most importantly, by dilating blood vessels, anti-flammation, anti-coagulation, degrading the extracellular matrixes, preventing the formation of thrombus, renal function can be improved gradually, once kidney function is improved, creatinine 6.2 may be relieved, it is possible to reduce high creatinine level.

In addition, the method is no side effects, all the medicines are from nature, they won’t cause any harm to the kidneys. Besides, the cost of the method is reasonable, most patients can afford. If you have interest about the method, send an email to

Stem Cell Therapy

It is the most advanced therapy. During the treatment, healthy stem cells are transfused into renal failure patients’ body through intravenous injection. And the stem cells have regeneration potentials, they can stimulate the production of normal immune cells to rebuild a normal immune system. If there is a normal immune system, renal function can not be damaged, and creatinine 6.2 may won’t occur.

After the above analysis, if you have anything unclear about how to reduce creatinine 6.2 in kidney disease hospital, leave a message below.


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