How to Treat Acute Kidney Failure Effectively

How to Treat Acute Kidney Failure EffectivelyAcute kidney failure, refers to a medical condition characterized by sharpen decline of kidney function within a few hours or a couple of days. If treated early, it can be reversible. And the followings are methods to treat this disorder:

Well control of primary disorders To prevent further damage to the kidneys, it is essential to take effective measures to control the primary diseases, such as, severe trauma, infections, especially for hypovolemia, shock, necrotic tissues and so on.

Treatment in oliguria stage In this phase, suffers should pay enough attention to rest. And the core of treatment should be aimed at adjusting the imbalance of fluid, electrolytes, acid-base and meeting nutritional needs of the body; When there is hyperkalemia, effective treatments like hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis should be taken from an early stage; Limit the amount of protein strictly, and the quantity can be managed at 0.5g/kg, meanwhile, it is essential to supply some essential amino-acids to keep heat at 6.6-8.7MJ per day, in this way, the decomposition of proteins will be decreased.

Treatment in polyuria stage In this stage, the key point is similar to the former phase. In the meanwhile, they should also control azotemia, especially for dehydration and hypokalemia; For those lie in bed, they also need to avoid pulmonary infection and urinary tract infection. Besides, the management of fluid and diet should not be that rigorous.

Measures in recovery phase During this period, therapeutic measures varies from individuals to individuals. Patients can take certain exercises regularly to strengthen their physique. In addition, it also important to do some regular check-ups and avoid nephrotoxic drugs and so on.

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