Chronic Kidney Failure: When Dialysis is Needed

Chronic Kidney Failure: When Dialysis is NeededChronic kidney failure, a medical condition in which kidneys fail to work adequately. When it progress to the advanced stage, dialysis is usually recommended. However, when is the appropriate time to undergo this alternative therapy?

Frankly speaking, whether dialysis is needed is depended upon various factors, such as, primary disorders, clinical symptoms, test report, financial situation and so on.

When dialysis can be delayed for people with chronic kidney failure?

1. The condition is mainly based on renal interstitial damage, and there is certain urine output and there is no symptoms like water-sodium retention, etc.

2. The clinical manifestations are light and there are no severe complications including heart failure and so on.

When dialysis can not be postponed?

1. Severe primary disorders. Such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, SLE, etc.

2. Severe clinical symptoms. For example, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, heart failure, pulmonary edema, acidosis, hemorrhagic tendency and so on.

When dialysis is urgently needed for chronic kidney failure patients?

● Uncontrolled hyperkalemia by certain medicines, and the value is above 6.5mmol/L.

●Water-sodium retention, oliguria, anuria, pulmonary edema accompanied by heart failure.

● Metabolic acidosis PH<7.2

● If patients present uremic pericarditis, obnubilation, drowsiness, etc, urgent dialysis is needed.

After the above introductions, we belive you have form a basic understanding about when is the appropriate time to undergo dialysis. Anything doubts, you can email to, and careful study, our experts will reply you as early as possible.

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