Can Dialysis Cure Renal Failure

Can Dialysis Cure Renal FailureDialysis can be regarded as the most commonly used method to treat renal failure or end stage renal disease(ESRD). While, can dialysis cure this life-threatening disorder?

Effects for acute kidney failure

Frankly speaking, there are mainly two types of kidney failure, both chronic and acute. As for the latter one, accompanied with dialysis, certain medications, scientific diet, good nursing care, etc, the illness condition can be controlled well. If not, it may develop into the former one.

Effects for chronic kidney failure

For the chronic type, dialysis alone can not cure this disease. We should commit this method can help discharge wastes, toxins, excess fluids out of the body to a certain degree. In such a way, the symptoms can be well managed. However, the underlying cause still exists. As this treatment can do nothing to the damaged renal intrinsic cells and kidney function.

Unfortunately, there are always some adverse effects, for example, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, itching, etc. What’s more, the frequency of undergoing dialysis can be 3 times per week and the cost is really high.

Are there some alternative treatments?

At Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital, after years of research and experience accumulation, nephrologists have created a series of stereoscopic therapy, including hot compress therapy, enema therapy, cycle therapy, full bath therapy, foot bath therapy, oral Chinese medicine therapy, moxibustion therapy. And each of these therapies has it own advantages.

Let’s us take hot compress therapy for example, which is a new form of TCM. During the course, they just need to lie in bed comfortably. With the help of osmosis devices, nutritional components of the herbs can effect on kidney lesion thoroughly. For detailed information, please send us your diagnostic or chat with our online doctor immediately. Best wishes!

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