How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Renal Failure

People with renal failure are usually plagued by high blood pressure. If not treated well, kidney damage will become more and more serious. Then, how to treat hypertension effectively?

How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Renal FailureCauses of hypertension in people with renal failure

Before introducing the effective methods, it is essential to figure out the root cause.

In normal case, kidneys can produce a hormone named renin that helps control blood pressure. However, in advanced stage of kidney disease, namely renal failure, the impaired kidneys fail to work adequately. Then too much renin will be released, as a result, elevated blood pressure occurs.

How to treat high blood pressure in renal failure?

At our center, nephrologists recommends people with renal failure take whatever is necessary, including anti-hypertensive drugs, hot compress therapy and changes of lifestyle to control blood pressure within 130/80mm Hg.

Hot compress therapy It is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) and modern osmosis device, but applied externally.

During the treatment, two bags filled with herbs will be put at the lower back area. Then useful substances of the herbs can effect on kidney lesion directly. It is convenient, comfortable. Normally, it takes about 45-90 minutes.

By expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, anti-inflammation and providing essential substances for the damaged kidneys, renal function can be enhanced ultimately. Once this problem is settled, hypertension will be controlled within a normal range.

Compared with treatments, it usually takes longer time to take effects. And each herbal formula is prescribed on patients’ individual condition. If you are interested in this, please email us the test immediately.

Anti-hypertensive drugs In general, ACE Inhibitors and ARBs are two most commonly used drugs to help reduce blood pressure and slow down the progression of kidney disease. Under certain circumstances, diuretics may also be used to excrete excess fluid and toxins out of the body.

Changes of lifestyle To put it simply, they should follow a healthy diet and take exercises regularly. Meanwhile, they should kick off the bad habits, such as, smoking and drinking. Any interests about this, please click the Live Contact.


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