Kidney Failure: What Should I Do

Kidney Failure: What Should I DoFrankly speaking, kidney failure is an advanced stage of kidney disease, in which kidneys fail to work adequately and GFR level declines to 15ml/min or less. If not controlled well, dialysis or kidney transplantation may become the ultimate choices. Well, what should patients do to treat kidney failure?

At our Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, nephrologists concluded the following useful advices:

A well-balanced diet

Even though there is no such a diet that can cure this disorder, a scientific diet can still help delay the illness condition effectively.

Normally, the dietary principle can be low-salt, low-fat, moderate intake of high-quality protein, low-potassium, low-phosphorus, high-fiber and so on. However, as the condition varies from individuals to individuals, the above-mentioned dietary principle is not a one-fit-all plan. For more information, please feel free to chat with our live doctor.

Changes of lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is good for patient’s health. For example, people with renal failure can take some moderate physical activities regularly, such as, jogging, walking, Tai Chi, etc, which can help increase their immunity. Meanwhile, they should stay away from alcohol and tobacco products as much as possible. And lastly but most significantly, a positive attitude is also beneficial.

Effective treatments

In treating kidney failure, selecting effective treatment also means a lot.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years, and it can be used to treat various disorder including kidney failure. Here, acupuncture and hot compress therapy are recommended.

Acupuncture By inserting fine metal needles to certain acupoints of the body, it can help stimulate meridians, alleviate symptoms, restore kidney function, etc.

Hot compress therapy As a combination of TCM and modern medical technology, it can help eliminate the discomforts, repair the intrinsic kidney cells and improve renal function.

Relatively speaking, the therapeutic effect usually takes for a longer time. But most importantly, the herbs are come from nature and they will not bring adverse effects to the human body. If you have interest in this, please firstly email us your medial report: and we will reply you a satisfied answer within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about kidney failure and the above-mentioned methods, please leave us a message below. Good luck!


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