Is There Other Measure Aside From Dialysis to Lower Creatinine 5.99

Is There Other Measure Aside From Dialysis to Lower Creatinine 5.99Creatinine 5.99 mg/dl is dangerous owing to the seriously damaged kidneys. And it presents a medical situation in which dialysis is needed in the near future. Is there other measure aside from dialysis to lower creatinine 5.99?

How does creatinine level go up to more?

In clinic, the creatinine level do not rise unless the kidneys are damaged more than half. And the creatinine 5.99 usually stand for the fourth stage of kidney disease (renal failure phase). To be honest, dialysis is suggested in this case.

Why do the patients reject dialysis?

Although dialysis is the wildly used treatment for prolong life for kidney disease patients, it induces infection, weakness, poor appetite, muscle cramp, heart problem and other complications. For improving life quality, an adding number of patients want to try another treatment.

What are alternative treatment to dialysis for reducing creatinine 5.99?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good option since it can take effects fast, do no harm to kidneys and prevent the recurrence of the symptoms of kidney disease.

In this treatment, the patients need to have the comprehensive examinations at first and by then the doctor will analysis their physical conditions and later give herbs focusing on solving this issues radically. With the help of the micro-herbal-medicines, the blood vessels are enlarged, blood circulation is improved, the inflammations are removed from kidneys, and the immunity, self-detoxification, self-recovery ability are enhanced as well. By this way, the renal function will be increased gradually and successfully.

When the kidneys are repaired, the creatinine 5.99 will be kept in a low range, the discomforts will be vanished and not appear easily, the patients can enjoy their ordinary again.

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