Prognosis For A Kidney Failure Patient with 23% Kidney Function

Prognosis For A Kidney Failure Patient with 23% Kidney FunctionThe patients will have the different prognosis due to the dislike treatment, diseases and so on. So, I will take about the prognosis for a kidney failure patients with 23% kidney function.

In clinic, the patients with 23% kidney function are in the fourth stage of renal disease, which is near the end stage renal disease. Since, the kidneys can not take away the unwanted substances from body timely and completely, the patients will have various of toxins which can injure the organs and tissues more deposited in the blood. In the meanwhile, some syndromes or even life dangerous appears.

For this case, the patients need to take some medicines and good control in the daily to prevent more kidney injury. Some patients will maintain their condition well while others have to take dialysis life long or transplant. However, the complications the patients suffering from also influence the prognosis of dialysis and transplant.

Dialysis is wildly used in many countries for prolong life for kidney failure patients, although it leads to infection, low renal function, heart problem and other troubles.

As for transplant, it requires a healthy and matching kidney from the donor, and the patients need to take anti-rejection drugs in the rest of their life.

While, is there any other option?

The patients with 23 renal function can try Chinese herbal medicine treatment, including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Full Bath Therapy, Acupuncture and other natural treatments. These treatments are created in the light of Traditional Chinese Medicine and adopted according to the patients’ illness conditions to solve the kidney problem from the root causes - diseased kidneys. With the improvement of kidneys, the renal function is elevated step by step, discomforts can be managed better, and the patients can live a better life and prevent dialysis and transplant.

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