Acute Kidney Failure: When Do I Need to Undergo Dialysis

Acute Kidney Failure: When Do I Need to Undergo Dialysis Acute Kidney Failure refers to rapid loss of renal function. Then when do patients with this disorder need to undergo dialysis? Read on and you can find the answer.

What are the causes of acute kidney failure?

In normal condition, kidneys can help remove metabolic products and toxins, and maintain the balance of fluid and electrolytes in the body. For those with acute kidney failure, it can be caused by the following factors, such as, sudden increase of blood urea nitrogen(BUN) level, creatinine level, disturbance of water and electrolytes, dehydration, heart attack, kidney stone, etc.

When do patients with acute renal failure undergo dialysis?

Experts at our Huaxia Kidney Disease Hospital concluded the following functions of dialysis, namely: relieving various symptoms, preventing complications, controlling primary disorders and restoring kidney function.

Honestly speaking, not everyone with kidney failure need to carry on dialysis. And patients need to undergo dialysis when they are experience the following two situations.

Normal condition:

1. Patients experience oliguria or anuria in about 24 to 48 hours.

2. BUN Level≥21.4 mmol/L or the BUN Level increases 9mmol/L per day.

3. Serum creatinine level≥5.0mg/dl.

4. Potassium level≥6.5mg/dl, hyperkalemia.

5. HCO3<15mmol/L.

6. Free hemoglobin>12.4mmol/L.

7. Obvious symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, pulmonary edema, unconsciousness, etc.

Emergency situation:

1. P≥7mmol/L.

2. CO2≤15mmol/L.

3. PH≤7.25.

4. BUN Level≥54mmol/L.

5. Serum creatinine level≥10mg/dl.

6. Acute pulmonary edema.

The above contents are mainly on dialysis and acute kidney failure. If you are presenting the above situations, you are suggested to seek for medical help immediately. Any questions about this topic, please email or consult with our online doctor directly. Best wishes!

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