What Should We Do To Keep Creatinine 3.2 and Avoid Dialysis

What Should We Do To Keep Creatinine 3.2 and Avoid DialysisStage 3 kidney failure and creatinine 3.2, the patients may be told that they have no choice but do dialysis in the future. But, please do not lost the hope, dialysis is not the only options at present. And then, what should we do to keep creatinine 3.2 and avoid dialysis?

Find out the reasons why creatinine goes up and when should we done dialysis.

Creatinine will go up to high when at least the kidneys are damaged 50%. In this condition, some of the renal tissues are necrotic and some cells are injured. What is more, various toxins will be gathered in the blood and turn back to injure the cells and tissues in the whole body. As time goes by, the conditions will be worse and worse, and finally, dialysis must be done to prolong life and relieve symptoms.

How to keep the creatinine level low?

In most countries, the patients will be suggested dietary control as well as good lifestyles. But there are not good enough to protect ourselves since they can only protect the kidneys at some points. In the meanwhile, the patients have to undergo some Western medicines for disappearing certain complications fast, which also leads to much side effects.

So that, I recommend the patients take some herbal remedies together with the above measure to help the patients live a high quality life.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a comprehensive treatment called Toxin-Removing Therapy aggregated all these requirements, and thousands of the patients have returned to track with the help of this treatment.

If you are eager to keep creatinine level low well and avoid dialysis successfully, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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