How To Reduce Creatinine 7.3 And Relive Anemia

Creatinine 7.3 means that there are lots of toxins and excess wastes in body, your kidney has damaged seriously. Lots of diseased cells and tissues are in your kidneys. Anemia is related to Erythropoietin, patients are absent Erythropoietin, so they commonly are in anemia. Now, we have know the reasons of creatinine 7.3 and anemia, so how can we treat them?

Creatinine 7.3 and Erythropoietin both are related to damaged kidney, so it is important to repair damaged kidney. Lots of toxins and excess wastes build up in body, which will affect the effects of medicine, it is one of the reasons that why patients need to take medicine every day, and the disease can not be treated well.

First, patients need to have a clean and good internal environment. Toxins-Removing Treatments has good effects on clearing away toxins and excess wastes completely, all the unwanted things can be eliminated out through all body. It will create a good and clean internal environment, patients will have a obvious changing in disease.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended for improving your kidney functions. It is an external application with two medicated bags, two medicated bags fulfill with chinese herbal medicines. Doctor will put the two bags on patients’ shenshu area, active ingredients will penetrate inside kidney lesions, which can increase blood to damaged kidney, so diseased cells and tissues are supplied enough nutrients and oxygen, and kidney structures can be rebuilt, kidney functions can be improved with chinese herbal medicines.

Anemia and creatinine 7.3 both are related to damaged kidney, chinese herbal medicines can treat damaged kidney from the root, so it can reduce creatinine 7.3 and uremia from the root.

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