Would Chinese Osmotherapy be Suitable for Dialysis Patients

Would Chinese Osmotherapy be Suitable for Dialysis PatientsChinese Osmotherapy is a famous therapy in our hospital, which attracts a number of kidney disease patients. Recently, a patient is wondering that would Chinese osmotherapy be suitable for dialysis patients. Please contact our online doctor or add WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat+008615233618520 to know more details.

Chinese Osmotherapy is also called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is an external application. Besides, there are tremendous herbs containing in this therapy and the herbal medicines are selected for patients in a rigorous process based on their current illness condition. Therefore, any patient with kidney disease can do it. However, this treatment is not used singly, it is combined with other natural treatments to help patients improve kidney function comprehensively. Furthermore, before adopting treatment to repair the diseased kidney, various toxins and wastes deposited in blood should be cleared away from blood completely, because the deposition of toxins and wastes not only makes further damage to kidney cells and tissues, but also affects the efficiency of other treatments. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Toxins-Removing Treatment is adopted to clear away various toxins and wastes products out of body completely.

With a health and clean environment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as well as other natural treatments such as Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Maikang Mixture, Acupuncture Therapy can achieve the function as it should do.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmohterapy, a therapy to improve kidney function, is widely used in kidney failure patients. The herbal medicines selected for patients are refined into powder, besides, the powder is collected into two medicated bags which are put on your low back area for about 40-50 minutes. Through a way of connecting osmotic machine and two medicated bags, active substances in herbal medicines will come out and then penetrate inside kidney lesions directly. At the same time, sufficient blood, oxygen and nutrition could be delivered inside kidney lesions directly. What’s more, other treatments such as Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Acupuncture Therapy, Steaming Therapy are used to clear away various toxins and wastes products out of body completely. And the main materials in this therapy are selected according to your current illness condition.

If you still have doubt about would Chinese Osmotherapy suitable for dialysis patients, please send your present illness condition and phone number to kidneyhospital-china@hotmail.com as soon as possible. We are glad to help you.


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