How Long Can You Go without Dialysis with 10% Kidney Function

How Long Can You Go without Dialysis with 10% Kidney FunctionGenerally speaking, 10% kidney function is at end stage of renal disease, which requires patients take some measures to prevent further damage. However, dialysis is not a effective treatment to help patients improve kidney function. Recently, patients are wondering that how long can you go without dialysis with 10% kidney function. Please contact our online doctor directly to know more details.

Why patients with 10% kidney function do not want to do dialysis ?

Dialysis is a replacement of kidney to eliminate various toxins and wastes products out of body, so as to remove some poisoning symptoms. Although dialysis can beneficial patients a lot to relive the poisoning symptoms, it often makes patients suffer from various adverse effects. Besides, 10% kidney function means that there are lots of toxins and wastes products build up in your blood. Even through dialysis eliminates some kinds of substances, it just can eliminate small size of substances and it can not eliminate middle size and big size of substances. As a result, middle size and big size of substances build up in blood and make further damage to kidney cells and tissues, and then, your kidney function becomes less and less.

How long can you go without dialysis without 10% kidney function ?

If you are suffering from high creatinine level and some symptoms which threat your life, dialysis should be adopted as soon as possible to save your life. If you do not experience any symptoms, it is not necessary for patients to undergo dialysis and there are lots of chances to keep away from dialysis, and then you may live a longer life than those who do dialysis for many years.

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