Is Dialysis the Best Treatment for Renal Failure with Creatinine 626

Is Dialysis the Best Treatment for Renal Failure with Creatinine 626Question: I was diagnosed with renal failure two years ago, and recently my creatinine increases to 626, I really want to know is dialysis the best treatment for me? Please help me because I do not want to do dialysis.

Answer: To be honest, dialysis is one of the treatment options for reducing creatinine 626, but not the best choice.

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Once patients are diagnosed with renal failure, which means their renal functions have been lost seriously. In this case, kidney will not discharge toxins and excess wastes from the body, such as creatinine, urea nitrogen and other harmful substances. If people do not take treatment in time, they will suffer from various symptoms and complications. What is worse the illness condition will deteriorate to the end stage kidney disease (ESRD).

Dialysis as the common treatment option for renal failure can help relieve patients’ abnormal symptoms and complications, but not prevent the deterioration progression and repair damaged kidney tissues and cells. That is why I said dialysis is one of the treatment options but not the best choice.

What is the best treatment for renal failure with creatinine 626?

As for renal failure, the best and the most proper treatment should focus on not only relieving symptoms, but also repairing kidney damage from the root. In this way, it can prevent disease from continuous deterioration and improve renal functions.

Blood Purification is one of the effective treatments of Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. As a systemic treatment option, it combines advanced blood purification technology with Chinese herbal medicines to save damaged kidneys. It will eliminate harmful wastes at the same time repair kidney lesion fundamentally to help patients achieve the above goals.

There are also other natural Chinese therapies for renal failure with creatinine 626. Only if kidney works again and can produce urine, creatinine 626 will be reduced naturally without dialysis.

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