What Happens if I Stop Kidney Dialysis

What Happens if I Stop Kidney DialysisAs for renal failure patients, dialysis is a common method to prolong the patients’ life. But more and more patients want to get rid of dialysis due to various factors. You must be curious about one question: what happens if you stop dialysis. We will tell you about this question below, please go on read.

What happens if you stop dialysis?

Dialysis can be called artificial kidney which replaces the functions of kidney to remove toxins and wastes in blood. Despite it is helpful for patients to prolong their life expectancy in short time, long-term dialysis will cause series of symptoms and complications.

Moreover, dialysis is not a cure for kidney failure. If you stop dialysis, your kidneys will continue to fail. You cannot live without at least one functioning kidney, unless you get a kidney transplant. Without a kidney transplant, you will need dialysis for the rest of your life. Therefore, so many patients are looking for the alternative of dialysis.

Is there any alternative of dialysis for renal failure patients?

Now that you want to stop dialysis, the best treatment is you never start dialysis. As for renal failure, the kidney functions have been damaged seriously, thus the key of the treatment should focus on protecting the residual functions, preventing the further damage and repairing damaged kidney tissues and lesion.

In China, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Chinese medicine treatments are recommended to you. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the most effective treatments which help patients to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells and restore kidney functions from the root. Medicated Bath can excrete toxins and wastes out of the body via skin. Acupuncture can stimulate acupoint and blood vessels to increase blood flow. Once kidney functions have been improved well, symptoms and excess wastes can disappear naturally. You have great possibility to avoid dialysis and live higher quality life.

Are you looking for the alternative of dialysis? Do you want to live higher and normal life? If you are interested in Chinese medicine treatments for renal failure, please contact our online doctor or leave message below or send email to kidneyfight@hotmail.com.

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