How to Help Kidney Transplant Patients Reduce High Creatinine Level

How to Help Kidney Transplant Patients Reduce High Creatinine LevelMajority people may ask how to help reduce high creatinine level for CKD patients. Kidney disease is a chronic and long term disease, which kidney condition may develop into kidney failure or ESRD. To save their life, some patients will choose kidney transplant and find after a period of time, creatinine level will increase again even though they do dialysis. How to help kidney transplant patients reduce high creatinine level?

Why kidney transplant patients will experience high creatinine level again?

As kidney disease patients, we should know clearly that kidney functions are closely related with creatinine level. The higher creatinine level, the less kidney functions. After patients doing kidney transplant, due to rejection, new kidney for patients may fail again and then creatinine also may increase again. If you have done kidney transplant, when creatinine increases again, you may feel disappoint or hopeless, because you think there is no treatment to help you. It is totally wrong. There are effective treatments for you only if you want to save your life and reduce high creatinine level.

What effective treatments can help kidney transplant patients reduce high creatinine level?

Chinese Medicine Treatments can help achieve the goal. In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Chinese Medicine Treatments have treated lots of patients with various kidney diseases, which are the best choice for kidney transplant patients reducing high creatinine level. The ingredients of TCM are various herbs from nature, so they are healthy and natural for kidney transplant patients. The treatments include Medicated Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, etc, which all aim to repair kidney lesion and restore kidney functions, so that kidney works itself without dialysis or new kidney. Once kidney can work normally, high creatinine level naturally is reduced and other symptoms also disappear.

If you are also kidney transplant patient and bothered by high creatinine level, you can have a try with Chinese Medicine Treatments.

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