What Happens If Patients with Creatinine 9.6 Do Not Take Dialysis

What Happens If Patients with Creatinine 9.6 Do Not Take DialysisIt is not strange that some of patients with high creatinine 9.6 refuse to do dialysis. After all, it is a long-term and painful process for them. Regular dialysis is necessary once they start doing it, because it can reduce creatinine level in a short period. But, what happens if patients with creatinine 9.6 without dialysis?

How to reduce high creatinine with dialysis?

Dialysis treatment is the fastest method to reduce high creatinine level. If creatinine level is high, it means kidney damages and harmful toxins accumulate in kidneys which can not be discharged from the body. Instead, serum creatinine level will also increase with kidney disorder.

Dialysis usually called artificial kidney. It is because it can replace failed kidneys to purify polluted blood. With the hemodialysis, polluted blood flows into dialysis machine, through filtration membrane the clean blood flows into the body again. In this way, high creatinine level can be reduced.

But it can not repair damaged kidney tissues and lesion at all. Once patients choose dialysis treatment, they must rely on it at the rest life. Even finally they go to the road of kidney transplant.

What happens if patients with creatinine 9.6 do not take dialysis?

Creatinine 9.6 means there are too much toxins in blood. Under this condition, if patients do not take dialysis, more and more toxins would accumulate in blood and damage our body. In the following there are the common complications of high creatinine level 9.6:

1. Poor appetite, nausea and vomiting. To some extent, patients also have anemia.

2. Bone problem, such as osteoporosis.

3. Skin problem, such as dry skin and skin itch. The latter is one problem bothered patients.

4. Difficult breath and heart problem which is the main reason of death for renal failure patients.

Therefore, proper and effective treatment is necessary and essential for patients with high creatinine level 9.6. It is dangerous for them if they do not find alternative treatment or do dialysis to reduce creatinine.

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