How to Naturally Remove Kidney Stone for Patients without Surgery

There are more and more patients with kidney stone, who do not want to do surgery to remove the stone. Therefore, except surgery, is there any other treatment? How to naturally treat kidney stone for patients without surgery? If you want to know more, welcome to consult online doctor for free and fast information.

Can surgery remove the stone for patients completely?

There are lots of factors of stone development, such as age, gender, heredity, environment, diet habits and career and so on. Meanwhile, infection, medicine abuse and urinary block also can cause stone. Timely and proper treatment is necessary at this time, in case stone grows bigger and bigger, and brings to various symptoms to patients.

For the big size stones, surgery treatment is the common method to remove stones in the kidneys, in order to relieve painful to patients. There is no doubt that surgery can remove the stones out of the body. But you may not know, renal environment is damaged by stone, although they are removed out of kidneys, if do not pay attention to repair kidneys, stone may be relapse again. You need do surgery one more time, which waste time, money and energy for patients.

How to naturally treat kidney stone for patients without surgery?

According to different size of stone, we take different treatment methods to remove stones. In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we use Chinese herbal medicine which has effects of dissolving stones in the kidneys to treat kidney stone. Patients will not feel painful and uncomfortable during the treatment. What is more, for the small stones, patients also can drink too much water to discharge the stone.

Through taking Chinese herbal medicine, regulating diet, drinking too much water, and basify urinary to dissolve stone and discharge with urine.

All in all, Chinese herbal medicines do not have side effects for patients without pain and danger. Timely and proper treatment is necessary, in case kidney stone causes other disease, such as renal insufficiency, anemia, infection, etc.

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