Foot Bath Treatment for Kidney Failure Patients with Creatinine 688

Foot Bath Treatment for Kidney Failure Patients with Creatinine 688In China, foot bath treatment is used widely to treat kidney failure, which can relieve the symptoms caused by kidney failure and may let them reduce recurrence rate. How foot bath lower creatinine 688 for kidney failure patients? Welcome to consult ONLINE EXPERT for free and fast information.

What are the beneficial functions of foot bath to kidney failure patients?

1. Improve blood circulation.

Foot has many acupoints which related to the part of the whole body. If you often take bath in the hot water, it can stimulate acupoints in the feet, which will extend the blood vessels, and improve blood circulation.

2. Regulate blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one leading cause and complication of chronic kidney disease. If left alone, it can cause further kidney damage easily. Put some herbal medicines, which has the effect of lowering high blood pressure, into your bath water, so that you can have an obvious improvement.

3. Relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality.

Foot bath can stimulate acupoints of the foot and improve blood circulation to discharge the excess wastes out of the body. It not only can help kidney failure patients get rid of fatigue in the daytime, but also improve their sleep quality.

How foot bath reduce creatinine 688 for kidney failure patients?

Foot bath is one of the characteristic treatments of Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital. Through taking foot bath, the active materials in the hot water will penetrate into the body with the acupoints, such as Yongquan acupoint, Shenshu acupiont. Finally, the effects of the medicines spread into kidneys successfully, which make its functions be repaired.

With the help of foot bath, kidney failure caused by various symptoms, such as high creatinine 688, will be relieved effectively.

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