Why Creatinine Level Still Is High after Doing Dialysis

Why Creatinine Level Still Is High after Doing Dialysis?Dialysis can be called artificial kidney, which is because it can instead kidneys to clean toxins and excess waste products out of the body. In general, dialysis can not lower high creatinine level at all. That is why some patients done dialysis find that the creatinine level will increase after doing dialysis. Therefore, why creatinine level still is high after doing dialysis? Welcome to consult ONLINR EXPERT for free and fast information.

Why dialysis will cause high creatinine level for kidney failure patients?

As for the reasons of the high creatinine level after doing dialysis, there are two factors. One is because the inadequate dialysis. Due to a single method of dialysis, toxins can not be completely clear out of the body. With more and more toxins accumulate in blood, kidneys will be damaged seriously. Creatinine of course can not be lowered.

Another is because dialysis dehydration is not sufficient. As we all know, kidney disease usually occurs if there are excess fluid in the body we can not timely exclude. At the same time, there will be some problems, which impact the kidneys recovery. High creatinine also can not be reduced well.

How to reduce high creatinine without dialysis?

As for treatment for reducing high creatinine, we should know clearly that proper treatment should not focus on reducing high creatinine level, but repairing damaged kidneys and improving kidney functions.

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