Kidney Transplant Patient: How Do You Help Me Avoid Dialysis?

Kidney Transplant Patient: How Do You Help Me Avoid Dialysis?Majority of countries take dialysis as the only choice for kidney failure patients done kidney transplant. However, how to help kidney failure patients avoid dialysis after kidney transplant? In China, it is not the only method for patients. Welcome to consult ONLINE EXPERT for free and fast information.

From the past years, except dialysis and kidney failure, there are no effective treatments for kidney failure patients. However, along with the development of medicine and technology, more and more experts are finding safer and healthier treatments to help patients get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant. Why these experts will study other treatments? It is because that they can not sure whether dialysis or kidney transplant treat the condition well, which will have many side effects or complications.

In clinical application for about 30 years, Chinese medicines have great effects for kidney failure patients. They are all from nature which are safe and healthy for patients to relieve the pain from dialysis and kidney transplant.

What kind of treatment can delay transplant for kidney failure patients?

In Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress is one of Chinese treatments, which contains Chinese herbal medicines to excrete toxins and excess fluid in blood and kidney cells, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, repair impaired kidney tissues and cells. It also can provide nutrition to kidneys, restore kidney functions, thus kidney transplant can be delayed well.

Of course, there are other natural Chinese treatments, including medicated bath, foot bath, and acupuncture and so on.

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