Can You Help Avoid Dialysis for Me, A Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 4.7?

Can You Help Avoid Dialysis for Me, A Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 4.7?In past period, there is no better treatment for kidney failure patients except dialysis, if patients are diagnosed with kidney failure with high creatinine. Can you help avoid dialysis for me, a kidney failure patient with creatinine 4.7? Welcome to consult ONLINE EXPERT who will provide free and fast information to you.

Can you avoid dialysis for kidney failure patients with creatinine 4.7?

For patients with kidney failure, dialysis is the most common treatment for them to control the condition. creatinine 4.7 means kidney injury serious and kidney functions lose a lot. Even worse, other tissues and organs may also be impacted. Finally, dialysis is necessary for patients to prolong life.

However, in fact, only patients still have remaining kidney functions, and remaining kidney cells, there is great possibility to improve kidney functions and avoid dialysis, so as to live a relatively high quality life. But, if patients do not take suitable and timely treatment, once the GFR declines gradually, dialysis will be done soon.

What treatments can help patients with kidney failure avoid dialysis?

In fact, the first step is to repair injured kidneys and improve kidney functions.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress and immunotherapy can help patients to treat the kidney disease through opening blocked blood vessels, improving blood circulation, cleaning up toxins and wastes in blood. The most important is that prevents the further kidney damage and controls the complications, especially the heart problem. Under the help of Chinese medicines, kidney functions will improve well, so that help patients avoid dialysis effectively.

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