Natural Treatment for Lowering Creatinine 1054 to 683 without Dialysis

Natural Treatment for Lowering Creatinine 1054 to 683 without DialysisFor patients with creatinine 1054, they are recommended to do dialysis by their doctor in western countries, because high creatinine in kidneys means that there are too much toxins and waste materials accumulated in blood and kidney tissues. Moreover, kidneys have been damaged seriously. How to lower creatinine 1054 to 683 without dialysis? Welcome to consult ONLINE EXPERT for free and fast information.

What are the functions of dialysis for patients with kidney failure?

High serum creatinine means kidneys damage serious. There will accumulate too much toxins and waste products in blood, which is the reason of blood pollution. Dialysis plays the role of kidneys to purify blood and relieve some symptoms of kidney failure. However, dialysis can not repair injured kidneys and restore kidney functions, which kidneys do. So, patients need do dialysis often, for about twice a week or even three a week.

But, long-term dialysis will cause serious side effects for patients, more and more patients want to find alternative treatment to lower creatinine and avoid dialysis.

What are the natural treatments for lowering creatinine 1054 to 683 without dialysis?

As for treatment, Chinese medicine treatments are recommended to you, which include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress, medicated bath, foot bath and so on. All of them are from nature, which are healthy and natural without side effects for patients. The active materials can extend blood vessels, improve blood circulation to kidneys, provide nutrition and oxygen to kidneys, and repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney functions fundamentally.

As long as the kidney function improvement, high creatinine 1054 will be reduced effectively and naturally without dialysis. In China, the medicines are unique for kidney disease patients.

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