Can I Get Rid of Dialysis with Kidney Failure?

Can I Get Rid of Dialysis with Kidney Failure?A patient said that I am a kidney failure patient, now do dialysis three times a week. What will happen if I continue my dialysis? Can I get rid of dialysis? I really want to live normal life with my families. Welcome to leave message to, renal expert will provide free and fast information.

To be honest, as long as the kidneys damage, kidney functions of the patients will gradually decline. Dialysis, the most common treatment for kidney failure patients, will as the replacement of kidneys work. However, dialysis is no longer the only choice for kidney failure patients. With the help of effective and proper treatment, some patients can get rid of it, especially to these patients who have normal urine volume, no obvious and severe symptoms.

Generally speaking, the longer kidney failure patients do dialysis, the lower kidney functions will be. Urine volume will come less and less with dialysis treatment and finally, you will stop urination. Therefore, as a patient with kidney failure, if you are doing dialysis recently, you should stop dialysis as soon as possible.

What is the alternative treatment to help kidney failure patients get rid of dialysis?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress is recommended to you. It is a great innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. It not only can excrete toxins and wastes out of blood, but also provide nutrition to kidneys. Under the help of it, patients in early stage of kidney disease will have possibility to live a better life without dialysis. As for patients have done dialysis, they also have chance to get rid of dialysis as long as the kidney functions improved.

If you want to know more details about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress for patients with kidney disease, please feel free to consult online expert below, or add Wahtsapp/Wechat: 86 18730617149, renal expert will reply you as soon as possible.


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