Kidney Failure: the Symptoms and Natural Treatments without Dialysis

Kidney Failure: the Symptoms and Natural Treatments without Dialysis

Kidney failure is a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products and fluid from the blood. What are the symptoms of kidney failure and the treatments without dialysis? Welcome to leave message to to tell the patient’s condition, renal expert will analyze the condition specifically.

Due to damaged kidneys, kidneys lose their functions to discharge the toxins and waste product from the blood. Thus, these waste products accumulate into kidneys, more and more harmful materials will block blood vessels and tissues. Chronic kidney disease has many symptoms, in which the common symptoms have high blood pressure, back pain, protein in urine, blood in urine, and swelling. In kidney failure stage, glomerular filtration rate less than 50%, even less than 30%, which is easy to have various complications and symptoms of kidney failure, such as heart problem, bone problem, skin problem, sleep problem and electrolyte disturbance.

However, what are the natural treatments for these symptoms of kidney failure without dialysis?

First, we should understand the key point of the treatment to solve the problem is not to reduce these symptoms only, but focus on the damaged kidneys repair and kidney functions restoration.

In Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital, toxin-removing therapy is adopted to treat kidney disease, which is based on Chinese herbal medicines from the nature. It starts to clean up the toxins and harmful materials in blood and aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for damaged kidneys and create a relatively favorable condition to make sure the medicine effects absorb fully.

Under the better condition, doctor will use other natural treatments with Chinese herbal medicines to treat the kidney failure, according to the condition of the patient. Immunotherapy is one of our characteristic treatments, which is composed of six steps: accurate diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune regulation, immune clearance and immune protection. Through the functions of Chinese herbal medicines, damaged kidney tissues may repair and gradually restore kidney functions, which prevent the further damage of kidney functions.

As long as damaged kidneys repaired, and kidneys work normally, the waste products will be excreted out of body and symptoms caused by toxins will also disappear naturally. Thus, kidney failure can be treated well without dialysis.

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