Is there any other treatment to treat Stage 4 Kidney Failure effectively?

Is there any other treatment to treat Stage 4 Kidney Failure effectively?More and more patients with kidney disease developed into kidney failure due to the ignorance of proper treatment and prevention for the disease. How to treat Stage 4 kidney failure naturally? You can add Whatsapp/Wechat: 008618730617149, renal expert will give you fast and free information what you want.

Traditional therapies for kidney failure are steroid treatment, even do dialysis for more serious condition. Steroid only can relieve the symptoms of the disease, however, if the patients stop take medicines, these symptoms of kidney failure will appear again, such as swelling, proteinuria and so on, which are easy to relapse. About dialysis treatment, it is a method to prolong the life of the patients, which play the kidney’s role to discharge toxins and excess waste materials in the blood. But, with the long term dialysis treatment, urine output will be less and less of the patients, which is one of the side effects of dialysis.

Is there any other treatment to treat stage 4 kidney failure effectively?

In Tung Shin Tang kidney disease hospital, except dialysis treatment, we also have its alternative treatment—Chinese medicines treatments to treat stage 4 kidney failure. Toxin-removing therapy aims to provide a clean and safe environment for the damage kidney tissues and create a favorable condition to make medicines be absorbed fully, through excreting the toxins and bad materials in blood and kidney intrinsic cells and tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also one of the Chinese medicine treatments. After discharging the toxins and wastes out of body, effects of medications can play the biggest role for the damaged kidneys. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been recognized by lots of foreign patients, which has the functions of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, and extending blood vessels. In order to make the active substance of the herbal medicines play the biggest effects, we make the herbal medicines into powder. And then put into two bags, which patients lay on the bed on the two bags with the skin of the back part. With the help of osmotic machine, the active substance will be absorbed fully and penetrated in to kidneys, so as to repair damaged kidney tissues and cells, and restore kidney functions.

Once damaged kidney function recovery, symptoms of kidney failure will disappear correspondingly, thus dialysis can be avoided effectively.

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