Is Dialysis The Only Way for Kidney Failure

In kidney failure, most patients have to accept dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain their life. But dialysis is not the only way for kidney failure.

Because dialysis has many side effects for human body and it can’t cure root of disease, the rest of patients’ life have to rely on a dialysis machine and others’ help, many people want to get rid of it. Some patients choose renal transplantation which needs appropriate kidney source and sufficient funds. But renal transplantation also has its deadline. In certain years, the kidneys will lose its renal function gradually. So, whatever dialysis or renal transplantation has its limitation.

Is there a method that can resolve misery for patients from root? Chinese medicines are the best choice for them. Chinese medicines which have no irritation or side effects for human body cure disease from root with less relapse. More and more patients come to China to look for Chinese therapies.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease have researched kidney disease for many years, according to our concept, we formed our characteristic therapies.

Take an example. Circle Therapy with Chinese Medicine. It’s a creative therapy in treating kidney disease in our hospital. The basic theory of this therapy is make medicines which have function of drawing out of toxin into smear medicines on the skin after smashing and processing. This therapy can draw out toxin from every different acupoint in human body. The most advantage of this therapy is that it provides a new method for patients who have drug resistance and side effect in their body, because they take oral Chinese medicines for a long time.

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