How Long Can Patients Survive with Untreated Renal Failure

In kidney failure, patients have to accept dialysis which can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain their life. If they refuse dialysis, their illness will be more and more serious unless they have other better treatment.
Why some patients refuse to do dialysis?

Though dialysis can sustain patients’ life, it can’t cure root of disease, patients have to do dialysis 2-3 times a week in their rest of life. What’s more, the side effect lower their life quality. So many patients want to get rid of it.
Is there a better method that can replace dialysis to sustain patients’ life?

As we all know, Chinese medicines which are widely used in medical area work on root of disease, they are popular because Chinese medicines which cure disease in a natural and healthy way have no any irritation or side effects for human body. Many medical apply them into study and practice, they can get great achievement. Many foreign patients come to China to try authentic Chinese therapies.
Tung Shin Tang Kidney Diseases Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease uses character of Chinese herbal medicines to research kidney disease. According to our concept, we formed our characteristic therapies.
Take an example. Enema Detoxification. Chinese medicines have clearing heat and removing toxicity function which can eliminate toxic substances out of human body by the exchange of intestinal mucosa through intestinal tract. It can reduce toxin such as creatinine sufficiently. The theory of this therapy is leading defecating medicine to colon and rectum by technical machine.
After the foreign patients go back to their country, our doctors give them call regularly to ask their illness condition add give them some suggestion to keep health. Our considerate service get praise by many patients. If you want to cure disease in a friendly environment thoroughly, you can contact us by email: with your phone number or WhatsApp.

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