Toxin-removing therapies of Traditional Chinese medicines take the hope for kidney failure patients

As for kidney failure patients, many patients will be taken dialysis or kidney transplant. However, dialysis has many side effects, such as low blood pressure, headache, muscle cramp, nausea, vomiting, and skin itching and so on. According to these symptoms, what should do for kidney failure patients who have been on dialysis?

The patient is a kidney failure patient and has been on dialysis. Because of the side effects of dialysis, she once wanted to give up treatment for her disease. However, her son insisted on take her to come to China for Chinese medicines treatment. When she saw the result of the treatment, she feels see the hope of life again.

She is from Iraq, 62 years old, who has been bothered kidney failure for many years. She has taken dialysis for three months. But the result was even disappointed. Serum creatinine level was high, and there were lots of toxins in blood. She was weak and could not walk at all, with vomiting, poor appetite and short of breath. When she came to our hospital—shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, she sat in wheelchair.

The experts made a unique treatment according to her condition. After the first period of treatment, she has been improved obviously. The appetite is better and feels have energy. Moreover, her kidney function is better and better with the time goes on. The result can be seen at the report, which her creatinine level decreased from original 1590 to 895, 322. The last result is 259. Through the Chinese treatment for 20 days, she has a lot improved as you can see on the report.

The patient’s condition becomes better and better, and gradually avoid dialysis. She was satisfied to discharge from hospital.

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