Natural Toxin-removing Treatment for Kidney Transplant Patient to Get Rid of Dialysis

Sometimes, the kidney disease can be avoided to develop to uremia or kidney failure for kidney disease patients. However, many patients will have the condition, because they are not treated in time and using proper treatment for their disease. And finally, the patients will be worried and feared. So, what is the toxin-removing therapies for kidney failure patients and how to get rid of dialysis?

HAIDA comes from Afghan, ten years ago, his creatinine is as high as 1000umol/l, so achieved his child’s kidney. But after four years of kidney transplant, his creatinine went up again, he afraid that he will suffer from dialysis and kidney transplant again, so he came to China for help to treat his condition. When he just came to our hospital, his creatinine is as high as 788, occult blood 3+, swelling appears in leg.

According to his illness condition, we arranged toxin-removing treatment for him, which various toxins and excess waste and water can not be expelled out of the human body. Once these toxins and excessive fluid be discharged from the human body, the Chinese medicines can be played the biggest effects to kidney. And kidney function will be repaired and can work normally. There is no doubt that the symptoms of kidney disease will disappear and the indexes reduce.

Through one month of treatment, his illness condition turns to be better and better. Swelling disappears, occult blood turns to negative, and creatinine level also reduced. Believe that his condition will be recovered well and live a normal life.

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