How Toxin-Removing Therapies for Patients with Renal Failure Can Get Rid of Dialysis

Can toxin-removing therapies treat the disease for patients with kidney failure? I think this is lots of patients want to know. Now let me answer the question. Whether toxin-removing therapies can treat kidney failure or not?

The patient Limame has been renal failure for about three years, is 46 years old. And he has been bothered by intermittent swelling in two legs for about ten years. He said that because he delayed the disease, so the condition becomes worsen. To relieve the condition and for further treatment, he comes to our hospital with hope.

We always have a concept of making specific diagnosis first and next give medicines for patients. So when he arrived at here, we first gave him a complete checkup. The result showed that his blood pressure was 110/70 mmHg, with anemia, diminution of vision. There is no doubt that his body had been damaged when he taken dialysis, the creatinine also increased. Therefore, we can not stop dialysis for him now, but it is only an adjuvant therapy, when we use the toxin-removing therapies.

We use Traditional Chinese medicines, the aim is to achieve the effects of expel the toxins and waste not only in blood but also in kidney inherent cells, to provide the nutrition kidneys need. Through using Chinese herbal medicines, treat the disease from the root and provide a good condition for protecting kidneys and better treatment.

After a period of time of Chinese treatment, his condition has been great improvement. Gradually he can get rid of dialysis. The index has been changed, which means that he accepted curative and obvious treatment in our hospital. He discharged from hospital with happiness and satisfaction. Hope he can live a normal life like the normal people.

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