How to avoid dialysis for kidney failure patient

Sometimes patients with kidney failure do not need to do dialysis to treat the disease, because there are other treatments for this disease, such as the Chinese medicines, containing the natural herbs in the therapies. Therefore, how to avoid dialysis for kidney failure patients?

MANGIGIN CAMID is 64 years old from Philippines, who had high blood pressure for about 25 years. At the beginning, he just had the symptoms of dizziness and headache. So he accepted the treatment in local hospital. While, six months ago, he had the symptoms again after catching cold. His protein was 2+, occult blood +-, urea acid 460 umol/L, and creatinine 370 umol/L. The doctor said that he has developed to kidney failure and asked him to take dialysis. The patient did not want to do dialysis and refused the advice of the doctor.

To avoid dialysis, he searched for the alternative of dialysis on the website. When he saw our hospital, he consulted our online experts and knew that the main treatment is toxin-removing therapies in our hospital. After a detailed consultation to our characteristic treatments, he knew the biggest feature is expel toxins and waste in blood and kidney inherent cells first and then give the medicines to patients, in order to play the biggest effect of the medicines. The patient decided to come to our hospital for treatment immediately.

We insist on the concept of diagnosis first and next make treatment plan to patients. We gave him check up. Hid blood pressure was 150/90 mmHg, protein 2+, occult blood -, urea acid 415 umol/L, and creatinine 396 umol/L. The toxin-removing therapies of our hospital, which contain Chinese herbal medicines, foot bath, oral Chinese medicines to improve the microcirculation, open the meridians and collaterals, and protect kidney functions.

After 13 days of treatment, his condition had obvious improvement. Blood pressure was 140/90 mmHg, protein 1+, occult blood -, urea acid 424 umol/L, and creatinine 274 umol/L. ten days later, his condition had been stable and discharged from hospital with satisfaction. The doctor and nurse are always keeping touch with the patient to know his condition at any time.

Therefore, he can avoid dialysis successfully, even if he is a kidney failure patient.

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