The hot compress therapy for patient with kidney failure to avoid dialysis

This is about a kidney failure patient, 58 years old, who after accepted the treatment of our hospital, he taken dialysis from three times a week reduced to two times a week successfully. He was very satisfied to the result.

The patient was diagnosed with chronic glomerular nephritis at the beginning. While he had not proper treatment in local hospital, so his condition developed kidney failure, which kidney shrinks 7 cm. and he had been on dialysis for about 2 years. When he taken dialysis three times every week at home, his serum creatinine level was 800 umol/L, and his 24 hours urine volume was 500-400 ml, meanwhile, he had anemia, high blood pressure symptoms.

Last summer, he searched the treatment online, and he decided to come to our hospital for treatment. Our doctor gave him a complete checkup and made treatment plan—hot compress therapy, which has the effects of opening the meridians and collaterals, improving the blood circulation and repairing kidney damaged. As long as the kidney function recovery, the creatinine will be reduced naturally.

In here, he was treated for about 1 month, he felt obvious improvement. And he went home to continue the treatment with the hot compress medicines of our hospital. And five months later, he came to our hospital for reexamination. And now he taken dialysis reduced to two times a week. His creatinine reduced to 400 umol/L, and the blood has been improved. He said that he will insist on the hot compress therapy. And after a period time, he will tell us his good news.

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