How to Reduce Creatinine Level for Patient with Kidney Failure

The patient is a male, 62 years old, was diagnosed with kidney failure. At the beginning, he did not care the condition, and he said that he never thought his disease would become the stage of kidney failure. When he recognized this, it is so late to reverse it. While, for this condition, how to reduce creatinine and keep the disease in a stable stage or better?

Our hospital—Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital has about 30 years’ clinical experience, which has formed a systemic therapies for kidney diseases patients. The patient heard the treatment of our hospital through his friend, and decided to have a try.

Before coming to our hospital, his creatinine level was 445 umol/L, urea acid was 518 umol/L, and blood urea nitrogen was 20.5 mmol/L. Our doctor had a systemic checkup for him and made a unique treatment plan, which contains a series of Traditional Chinese medicines. These medicines are called toxin-removing therapies, which have the effects of clear the toxins and waste in blood and kidney inherent cells first and then using medicines to treat the kidney disease. That is because that there are lots of toxins in blood, which blocked the blood vessels. Once the toxins removed from blood, the medicines will be absorbed completely. And impaired kidney will be repaired gradually and kidney function recovery. So, high creatinine level can be reduced naturally.

Receiving treatments in our hospital for about 10 days, his creatinine level was 359 umol/L, urea acid was 476 umol/L and blood urea nitrogen was 6.5 mmol/L. And the ammonia tastes in his month is also relived a lot. He was surprised to this result. Now he continues accepting out characteristic therapies for hid condition. Best wishes for him.

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