The curative effects of toxin-removing therapies for kidney failure patient

Some patients do not go to the specialized kidney disease hospital for the correct treatment until their condition became worsen or even the last stage of the kidney disease—uremia. So in case this situation appears, as kidney disease patients, you should hold correct and positive attitude to fight against the disease. Here is a case that be treated in time and had curative effects.

Mr. Guo is 46 years old, who received obvious effect and the humorous atmosphere. When he came here, his creatinine was 421, urea nitrogen 467, uric acid 22.3. Our doctor made a uniqup treatment for him according to his condition.

We insist the concept of clear up the toxins and wastes first which to provide a good environment for the recovery of kidney inherent cells and a good condition for the usage of medicines. The toxin-removing therapies mainly include Maikang Mixture, oral Chinese medicines, medicated bath and foot bath and so on. The effects of Traditional Chinese medicines are opening the blocked blood vessels, improving the blood circulation, providing nutrition to kidneys and repairing the damaged kidneys and recovering the kidney functions.

After our characteristic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, creatinine and urea nitrogen, uric acid and other levels are reduced. Just ten days treatment, it is surprising! Mr. Guo said that he came here just wanted to control the progress of the disease, without developing into uremia. But now kidney function recovery a lot, sincerely thank the staffs here!

I just want to say good treatment is one hand, it is also important for the patient that they actively cooperate with our therapies. Now he takes medicines at home. Hope he recovers soon!

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