Kidney Failure Patient gets rid of Dialysis

If you are kidney disease patient, you must treat the disease in time in professional kidney disease hospital. Because it would reduce the risk of disease worsen. So what is the correct treatment for kidney failure patients?

Xiao Qin is a kidney failure patient with the age of 38, who nephritis develops into kidney failure within 2 years. And then, he began to do dialysis to maintain life. Here, he received many natural treatments. His creatinine level is reduced to 518 umol/L from 737 umol/L.

At the beginning, he got back pain, but not very serous, so he didn’t care it. But later, he felt very discomfort, so that he took a checkup in hospital. He decided to see the doctor, after done a series of test. The doctor told him that he had got nephritis, which really scared him. While, through the two years of treatment, the condition had no obvious improvement. Moreover, his disease developed into kidney failure. The doctor asked him to do dialysis, he accepted it. But after a few days treatment of dialysis, he wanted to get rid of dialysis, he didn’t want to take dialysis any more, because he is young.

Fortunately, he heard that our hospital (Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital) is very good at treating kidney disease, so he wanted to have a try.

After he arrived at our hospital, the doctor made a series of examinations for him, the tests shown his serum creatinine had up to 737umol/L. Our doctor made a treatment plan for him according to his condition. He received many natural and healthy treatments—toxin-removing therapies, which have the effects of opening the meridians and collaterals, expelling toxins and wastes in blood and kidney inherent cells, improving blood circulation and providing nutrition to kidney. After a month treatment, his serum creatinine level downs to 518umol/L. We are really happy for him, he need not to do dialysis any more. We believe that he will back to normal life in the near future.

If you or your relatives are kidney disease patients, do not give up the treatment. If you want to know more information about our hospital’s therapies, feel free to contact our online experts or leave message to us.

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