Toxin-removing therapies for patients with stubborn swelling

Toxin-removing therapies are the characteristic treatments in our hospital, which have curative effects for patients’ disease. Repeated swelling is one of symptoms of chronic kidney disease problem. What is the treatment for swelling patients? How to reduce the symptom?

Here is a successful case in our hospital. Bashir Hamed is 64 years old, from Jordan. He is a famous engineer in Jordan, and very likes his career, so that the pain and hard can not stop his feeling of enjoy in work. Unfortunately, the dizziness and headache appeared 15 years ago, and his blood pressure was 160/100 mmHg. The doctor gave him western medicines for treatment. Then the symptoms had improvement. But later, blood pressure fluctuated obviously.

Nine months ago, he had edema in two legs, with dizziness and headache, which let him felt the condition was serious. He checked in hospital, the result was blood pressure 160/100 mmHg, hemoglobin 110 g/L. The doctor gave him some western medicines to relieve the symptoms, but edema did not disappear.

In order to better treatment for his disease, Bashir Hamed searched online, and luckily, he found our hospital—shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. Immediately, he consulted our characteristic therapies—toxin-removing therapies, which mainly use the treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine is the first and western medicine is the second. He contacted our hospital’s expert to decide the date of treatment through the information in our website. He thought maybe his condition had hope in China.

We adhered to the feature of precise diagnosis, gave him a complete examination. His blood pressure was 150/80 mmHg, there was normal in heart, lung, and abdomen. And ha had pitting swelling in two legs, was diagnosed with renal failure. Through using Chinese medicines to clear toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells, achieving the effects of improving immune, supplement vital energy and nourishing blood to protect kidney function.

After 25 days treatment, Bashir Hamed could sleep and eat well, blood pressure 120/75 mmHg, 24 hours urine 1200 ml. Meanwhile, pitting edema in two legs disappeared. He discharged from hospital and taken Chinese medicines at home. He and his family were satisfied for our curative therapies.

If you have any kidney disease problem to consult, please feel free to contact us. We will do utmost to help you. Good luck!

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