The toxin-removing therapies for kidney failure patients

Kidney failure means kidney function has been damaged in a serious degree, which many patients in this stage may have already dialysis or kidney transplant. However, whether toxin-removing therapies can treat renal failure patients or not?

Patient Limame is 46 years old, who has got renal failure for 3 years. The intermittent swelling in his two feet also has been bothered him for more than 10 years, creatinine lasting increased for two years. All of these are because that he did not get proper treatments which treat from the root.

To relieve the condition and further treatment, he came to our hospital with hope and belief. According to the concept of first diagnosis and then making treatment plan, our doctor gave him a systemic checkup to him when he arrived at our hospital. The report showed his blood pressure was 110/70 mmHg, with anemia and decreased vision. There is no doubt that his body has been serious damaged due to dialysis. Meanwhile, his creatinine level always increased. So he can not stop dialysis at this time. But it only as a supporting treatment, toxin-removing therapies are the main treatment option.

Doctors use traditional Chinese medicines to achieve the aims of removing toxins and excess water in blood and kidneys. The purpose of this method is to treat kidney disease from the root. Because the main function of Chinese medicines is clearing toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells and providing element supplement to kidneys, so that providing a good condition for kidneys functions recovery.

After a period of Chinese medicines treatment, the patient has a big improvement and he gradually got rid of dialysis. All of the levels changed, which means he got curative treatment in our hospital. Finally, he discharged from hospital and lived a happy and comfortable life.

So there is not only one choice for kidney failure patients, except dialysis, you also have other methods to treat kidney failure. If you are interested in our toxin-removing therapies, you can leave message to us at any time. We will do our utmost to help you.

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