How to reduce high and repeated proteinuria for kidney failure patients

Proteinuria is a clinic symptom of kidney disease. Generally speaking, proteinuria occur means kidney has been damaged and has problems. So patients must have examination timely in professional kidney disease hospital. Then what are the treatments for reducing proteinuria?

  Shijiazhuang (Tung Shin Tang) kidney disease hospital is a professional kidney disease hospital, which especially treat the persistent kidney diseases, such as repeated proteinuria, swelling, lupus and so on. Here I will introduce a curative case which has high proteinuria.

  Jane is a kidney failure patient, who has relative high creatinine level and proteinuria. When she first got our hospital, the creatinine level was 572, proteinuria 3.16g. At the beginning, she only had a try. But through the characteristic Chinese therapies in our hospital, creatinine reduced from 572 to 479, proteinuria reduced from 3.16g to 1.72. Jane and her family are extremely satisfied. We are also sincerely glad for her.

  In fact, our hospital puts the idea of toxin-removing on the first place. Only the toxins in blood and kidney inherent cells are cleared, the medication effects will be worked best. The toxin-removing therapies include foot bath, medicated bath, Maikang mixture, acupuncture and other Chinese herbal medicines. They have the functions of expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, opening the meridians and collaterals, by degree, recovering kidney inherent cells function and repairing impaired kidneys. There is no doubt that proteinuria will be reduced and creatinine decreased.

  The above-mentioned are the treatment for kidney failure patients with high and repeated proteinuria, hope they will help you. If you have interests to our treatments or any questions, please contact our online expert.

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