The treatment for kidney failure patient to stop dialysis

Dialysis is a method to treat kidney problem, while due to various reasons, more and more patients want to stop it. Now I introduce a case of kidney disease which stops dialysis.

The patient is called Anwar, twenty-five years old from Egypt. Before he came to our hospital, he was intense joint pain for one year, and has been on dialysis one month. At that time, he and his families never think of this encouraging result.

He came into our hospital on Feb. 26, 2015 for the first time. We gave him a checkup, which result showed his blood pressure was 140/100mmHg, creatinine 578umol/L. He also had anemia, and two legs had moderate swelling. All of these are symptoms of kidney failure. In case of kidney failure, there are numerous wastes products in the kidneys and then they will deposit in the body make damages to the kidneys. So we first take measures to remove toxins before teat kidney itself.

We use toxin-removing therapies which contain Chinese herbal medicines, including foot bath, medicated bath, Maikang mixture and so on. In these therapies, they can achieve the effects of removing toxic substances and wastes in kidney, opening the meridians and collaterals, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism, and then repairing damaged kidney and gradually recovering kidney function.

After the patient stayed in hospital for 25 days, his condition was better, the swelling symptom disappeared. Creatinine level reduced to 517umol/L, it means that kidney function had gradually recovered. With the treatment, his condition had obvious effect. After he left hospital one month, his creatinine dropped to 270umol/L, and had been dialysis one time a week. In two months, creatinine was 160umol/L, at that time, Anwar stopped dialysis completely. He and his families were excited and happy from the heart.

So when kidney is damaged, the first thing is to remove toxins in kidney, let kidney has sufficient room to discharge wastes and other substances. If you are dialysis patients, and you want to stop it, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best t help you.

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