How to Stop Progressive Kidney Failure

treatment for progressive kidney failure, treatment for kidney failureAs the development of kidney disease, most patients have to accept dialysis to prevent their illness from deteriorating. Dose dialysis can stop progressive kidney failure?

Though dialysis is important in sustaining patient’s life, it can’t cure root of disease, the rest of patient’s life have to rely on a dialysis machine and others’ help. I think no one is willing to do dialysis 2-3 times a week in their rest of life. The side effect also bring much misery to patients. Some of them want to get rid of dialysis.

Is there a method that can replace dialysis to execute renal function? Chinese medicines maybe the best choice. Chinese medicines which are applied into medical area widely work on root of disease with less relapse. Medical experts proved that Chinese medicines have no irritation or side effect for human body. The natural and healthy way is pursued by many patients and a lot of foreign patients come to China to look for Chinese therapies.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital which is a professional hospital in treating kidney disease in capital of Hebei province have researched kidney disease and Chinese herbal medicines for many years. We formed our characteristic therapies according to our concept.

Take an example. Traditional Chinese Medicine Foot Bath. It’s one of supporting therapies in our hospital, we try our best to confect various of Chinese herbal medicines. It’s not only wash feet, it can help patients to improve blood pressure and sleeping quality. It improves viscera especially renal function by effective irritation to corresponding acupoint on the foot.

The essence of our therapies is interdicting fibrosis, recovering impaired cells and renal function, restoring kidney structure. If you want to try, you can contact us by email:


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