How to Prevent Kidney Failure without Doing Dialysis

In most countries, when condition develops to kidney failure, dialysis or kidney transplant will be required in the near future. No one patient wants to experience them, and some patients are trying their best to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. Here we will talk about how to prevent kidney failure without doing dialysis.

The key to prevent kidney failure is to save kidneys with repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. Firstly, let’s see how kidney failure is commonly treated in most countries. Patients are advised to have a healthy renal diet and western medicines are used to relieve corresponding symptoms, and that is it. These measures are very important and necessary during kidney disease treatment, but they cannot do anything to achieve repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. In that case, the final result must be dialysis or kidney transplant.

In our hospital, kidney disease is mainly treated with Chinese therapies. We have many types of Chinese therapies, such as oral Chinese herbal medicine, medicated bath, foot bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, circle therapy and so on. They can play functions of anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation, removing blood stasis out of body, promoting DNA replication of damaged kidney inherent cells and offering kidneys nutrients, and these special functions are expected to help gradually repair kidney damage and recover renal function. Due to their safety and efficiency, more and more foreign patients come to try them.

The above information is about the general idea about how to prevent kidney failure without doing dialysis. If you are interested in the details, feel free to contact us with the way you prefer. As a kidney disease patient, if you are trying your best to prevent kidney failure and dialysis, then we hope we can help.


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