Management for Cold Feeling in Renal Failure

Management for Cold Feeling in Renal FailureRenal failure patients often have the cold feeling which lower the life quality of patients a lot. Here would introduce some management ways for renal failure patients with cold feeling.

For renal failure patients, their injured renal cells fail to produce enough EPO for the formation of red blood cells, in addition, the toxins retention shorten the life of red blood cells, leading to anemia. Without enough red blood cells transferring heats, patients would have the cold feelings.

Moreover, due to the strict diet plan, patients often can not get enough heats and protein to support the normal activities, at this time, patients also are accompanied with cold feelings.

For renal failure patients, a healthy life plays an important role in remitting their symptoms and protect kidney functions. The high quality protein foods, enough heats supply, proper mild sports, normal work and rest are recommended to patients.

Of cause, the most important thing for renal failure patients is reversing the kidney functions, solving the anemia from root. Traditional Chinese Treatment is a good choice for patients. it is Chinese herbal medicine-majored, and according to the specific physical conditions of patients, the proper application medicine ways influding therapies, kinds and dosages of herbs are given to patients.

These therapies can supplement each other, working together on expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, cleaning toxins in blood and supporting nutrition. With the enough healthy blood perfusion and repaired kidney cells, the kidney function can be reversed at the most degree. When the EPO are produced normally, anemia can be remitted and patients can get rid of the cold feelings.

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