Can Renal Failure Be Healed without Kidney Transplant

kidney is the main excretory organ of human body. It can excrete the metabolism wastes out of body with the urine. In addition, the kidney also is responsible for adjusting body fluid, correcting water-electrolyte and balancing acid-base. In conclusion, kidney can keep the surrounding environment of cells steady and protect the normal metabolism. But when people are attacked by renal failure, with the kidney functions decline, patients will suffer more and more symptoms and complications, threatening the life of patients. Most people think that kidney transplant is the last thing that renal failure patients can do have a healthy life again. While this article will introduce renal failure patients another treatment which can heal the disease without transplant.

The key to treat renal failure is without delay. The earlier patients take treatment, the higher possibility patients can reverse their kidney function. Once the remaining kidney function is enough to support the normal metabolism, patients can live a normal life, keeping away from end stage renal disease and kidney transplant. Let us see how the Traditional Chinese Medicine reverse the kidney function.

Kidney function decline is caused by hypoxic-ischemic state which usually caused by the wastes or immune complexes deposition. In turn the kidney function decline will increase the the toxins and wastes in body. So for renal failure patients, treating kidney disease is the process of cleaning toxins and wastes in body. Now we will introduce you the Chinese medicines in our hospital.

1. Maikang composition: it is a kind of Chinese patent medicine. It is the necessary medicine for the whole course of treatment. The main function of is cleaning the toxins in blood.

2. Oral decoction: it is Chinese herbs-majored, and the kinds and dosages of herbs are given to patients according to their specific physical conditions changes. And the function of medicine also is cleaning toxins in body.

3. External application medicine: it is applied on the shenshu acupoint, a point around kidney. The medicine has the functions of expending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, dissolving blood clots and cleaning toxins in blood.

4. Foot bath: it is taken before patients go to sleep at night every day. And its function also is promoting blood circulation to remove blood clots.

All in all, the oral medicine and application medicine can supplement each other, when the blood circulation are improved, the toxins can be removed easily. With the pure and smooth blood flowing into kidney, the kidney function can be reversed. And renal failure patients can be healed without transplant. Contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to for more information.


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