Ketosteril Lower Creatinine 6.7 in Renal Failure

Ketosteril Lower Creatinine 6.7 in Renal FailureWhen renal failure patients suffer from high cretinine 6.7. They usually are recommended with ketosteril. And patients still are curious about the effect of ketosteril lowering creatinine 6.7, this article will tell you more information about the medicine.

This medicine usually be used when the GFR is lower than 25ml/min and should be taken with a low protein diet. After using the medicine, patients can take a turn for the better in following aspects:

1. Most of the symptoms of renal failure is caused by the protein metabolism wastes, with the medicine, these symptoms can be remitted, such as protein urine, edema, weak and so on.

2. Preserving remaining kidney function and delaying the development of the renal failure.

3. Even with a low protein diet, patients can got necessary nutrition from the medicine.

4. Decreasing metabolic complications caused by renal function insufficient, such as metabolic disorders, renal disease, secondary hyperparathyroidism and so on.

But there are some side effects maybe occurring during the period of taking medicine, for example patients maybe attacked by hypercalcemia. At this time, patients should decrease the intake of vitamin D, and if the hypercalcemia is persistent, patients can reduce the medicine and other foods rich in calcium. All in all, renal failure patients need follow the suggestions of their doctors according to their specific conditions.

But the lowered creatinine doesn’t mean the improved kidney function, it only refers to the remitted symptoms and complications for a short time. Without repairing the kidney, when the remaining kidney function also are lost, patients have to become more and more independent on the medicine and the medicine can do nothing for the disease.

For renal failure patients, the most important thing for them is asking for the effective treatment which can stop the kidney damage and improve kidney function. Only doing that, patients can get rid of high creatinine from root. And renal failure patients can reach the expected effect through our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, send email to for detailed information.

Finally, if you want to know more about ketosteril or other medicines in lowering creatinine 6.7 in renal failure, contact our online doctors, or leave us messages, we will reply you sooner.

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