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Renal Failure Treatment

How Can We Make A Good Healthy Soup for Recovering Failed Kidney

In the previous article, we have said that the medical soup can be applied orally and externally for the patients to renew, such as Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and so on. While, how can we make a good healthy soup for reco...Read More

Is There Other Measure Aside From Dialysis to Lower Creatinine 5.99

Creatinine 5.99 mg/dl is dangerous owing to the seriously damaged kidneys. And it presents a medical situation in which dialysis is needed in the near future. Is there other measure aside from dialysis to lower creatinine 5.99? How does cre...Read More

Prognosis For A Kidney Failure Patient with 23% Kidney Function

The patients will have the different prognosis due to the dislike treatment, diseases and so on. So, I will take about the prognosis for a kidney failure patients with 23% kidney function . In clinic, the patients with 23% kidney function a...Read More

What Are Herbal Treatments to Save the Life For Kidney Failure Patients

We all know that the kidney failure patients need to take dialysis for prolong life. But due to the suffering leaded by dialysis, a increasing amount of patients want to delay it. And they wonder to make clear that what are herbal treatment...Read More

What are Your Suggestions for My Mother with Creatinine 4.5

Patient: Hello doctor, good evening. I have question here, my mom have renal issue for past 3 years and her creatinine is 4.5. Her symptoms are vomiting, frequent of motion is 5 to 6 times per day. I would like to have your suggestions, ple...Read More

What Natural Treatment is Effective to Reverse Kidney Failure

Kidney failure means the kidneys fail its functions to secrete hormone, produce urine and filter the blood. Commonly, we called the lost of the filter capacity in kidneys as kidney failure. While, what natural treatment is effective to reve...Read More

Would Chinese Herbal Supplements Cure the Creatinine 420 in Blood

Would Chinese herbal supplements cure the creatinine 420 in the blood? If you also interested in Chinese herbal supplements or lower high creatinine level naturally, please read the total article or chat with our Online Doctor . Creatinine...Read More

Kidney Failure What are the Causes and Treatments for My Father

Patient: Hello, I want to know what is the cause of kidney failure. Doctor: Hello, glad to help you. Kidney failure can be caused by many reasons, like high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, unhealthy living habits and other risk factors...Read More

Can Dialysis Cure the Creatinine 6.5 with Weakness

Almost all the patients know that dialysis needed to be done once their condition is serious. But they do not clear that when should they do dialysis, what is the shortcomings of dialysis, can dialysis cure the creatinine 6.5 with weakness...Read More

What Can I Take to Clean Toxins From Blood And Lower Creatinine

When the creatinine level is improved, is there many toxins deposited in the blood? Should I worry about it? What can I take to clean toxins from blood and lower creatinine level? Have the similar query, welcome to consult our Online Doctor...Read More

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    PKD Patients Arrive At Beijing for Traditional Chinese Medicine

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