Why does Hypocalcemia Happen in Renal Failure

Why does Hypocalcemia Happen in Renal FailureIf you are a patient with renal failure and have symptoms such as numb limbs, muscle spasm or even angina. You may get hypocalcemia. This impedes your normal life and makes you angry and distressed. You must want to treat it as soon as possible. We can help you. First let’s learn why does hypocalcemia happen in renal failure.

There two reasons of hypocalcemia in renal failure.

No.1 In renal failure, renal damage is severe so glomerular filter ability goes down. It’s difficult for glomerulus to filter phosphorus. Then phosphorus accumulates and it will combine with calcium thus can lead to deposition of calcium phosphate. Finally blood calcium decreases.

No.2 Kidney can compound a substance which will make intestinal tract absorb calcium. While in renal failure, losing parenchyma cells cause kidney compound less this kind of substance. Intestinal tract can’t absorb enough calcium. As a result, hypocalcemia happens.Then how to treat it?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

From above, you have known that the root of hypocalcemia in renal failure is the damage in renal issues. So as long as we want to treat hypocalcemia, we will need to devote our energy to repair damaged renal issues. Fortunately, we create an effective way to restore injured renal issues. That is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

In this therapy, the main force is traditional Chinese medicine. It is permeated into kidney by special facilities. Chinese traditional medicine has great effect on enlarging vessels so as to improve blood circulation of kidney and the whole body. While good blood circulation offers oxygen to kidney so this can promote injured renal cells to repair. When the glomerulus are repaired, they can filter phosphorus so there won’t be combine of phosphorus and calcium. Moreover, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can promote repaired kidney to compound the substance which can stimulate intestinal tract to absorb calcium. As a result, hypocalcemia can be alleviated.

Do you understand why does hypocalcemia happen in renal failure and its treatment? It’s okay that you have more questions. You can ask our doctors online or send us e-mail.kidneyfight@hotmail.com We are here to help you.


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