Kidney Failure with Shortness of Breath: Causes and Treatment

Kidney Failure with Shortness of Breath: Causes and TreatmentMany patients with renal failure may ask: why do i experience shortness of breath? In this article, we will give you the answer.


Generally speaking, the healthy kidneys can secrete a hormone called EPO, which can stimulate the marrow to produce red blood cells. And red blood cells can carry oxygen for organs and tissues of the whole body. However, in kidney failure, due to the decline of renal function. The damaged kidneys can not secrete enough EPO, in this case, anemia will experience, thereby, patients will present shortness of breath, tired, oppression in chest and so on.


In most cases, patients with kidney failure will present pneumonia easily, which can cause hyoxemia. So, patients can also experience shortness of breath. In addition, hyoxemia can lead to heart failure, aggravate shortness of breath. So, patients should take steps to prevent infection and treat the related complications timely.

Besides, pericarditis that is caused by renal damage, pleurisy, high blood pressure can also cause shortness of breath. However, not all the shortness of breath means you have kidney failure. If you want to know whether the symptom is caused by kidney failure. Send your test report to, after careful analysis, we will give you a specific diagnosis.

Then, how to treat shortness of breath with renal failure?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovative method that can treat shortness of breath. It is the most effective method in China. During the treatment, two bags filled with shattered medicine are placed on patients’ back. Then, the active ingredients can be penetrated into kidneys lesions directly with the help of osmosis device.

Mostly, by dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, preventing the formation of thrombus, kidney function can be improved from the root. Once renal function is enhanced, shortness of breath can be treated.

Do you get a clear answer about the causes and treatments of shortness of breath? If you don’t, leave a message below, we are here to help you. Best wishes!


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